Welcome to Glenbrae School

History Of School






  • When Tamaki # 5 school opened in September 1955 and spent it's first week surrounded by a sea of mud and rain water

  • Then in October 1955 the school changed it's name to Glenbrae School

  • The polio injections

  • The prefabs with coke (coal) stoves

  • When there was only 1 wooden bunk in the sick room

  • School trips to Mt Albert school farm, the circus, the beach, downtown Auckland, climbing to the top of Mount Wellington

  • School camps at Albany and Motu Moana

  • The bottle drives - often raising $100 - $200 per drive

  • The school galas and sausage sizzles

  • The primo milk vending machine in the senior block

  • The art shows

  • The fire in the boiler room

  • The school breakfasts with free fruit and milk

  • Radio Glenbrae



The office and junior block               

A painting lesson